Syrian Democratic Forces looking toward the northern town of Tabqa, Syria. Syrian Democratic Forces, via AP James L. Gelvin, University of California, Los Angeles It’s always dangerous to make predictions about the Middle East. After all, few experts foresaw Anwar al-Sadat’s trip to Jerusalem in 1977, which led to theRead More →

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently announced a ‘significant’ troop withdrawal from the Syrian campaign on an unannounced visit to the Hmeimim airbase, near Latakia. Having made a similar promise to withdraw troop numbers last year, will Putin follow through this time round? As with most of Putin’s policies, he keeps his cardsRead More →

The US has taken advantage of the recent mass antigovernment protests in Iran to reinforce pressure on that country, in line with President Trump’s already harsh stance against Tehran. The human-rights-based mantra being employed evokes memories of regime change in Ukraine, and the de-facto US intervention in Syria. Sputnik takesRead More →

Russian General Staff Chief Army General Valery Gerasimov said that there was movement of militants from the US base in Syria’s At Tanf, which is currently fully blocked by the Syrian army. MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The US base in Syria’s At Tanf is fully blocked by the Syrian army, Russian General Staff Chief ArmyRead More →

In this edition of The Interview, Fair Observer talks to the former US ambassador in Syria, Robert Ford. Robert Ford served as the US ambassador to Syria between 2011-2014, an appointee of the Obama administration. He was described as the “chief architect of regime change in Syria” in a periodRead More →

John Keane Professor of Politics, University of Sydney In March 2003, the Howard government involved Australia in an illegal military invasion of Iraq. The consequences of that war continue to be devastating for the people of Iraq and the wider Middle East. The prime minister was able to opt forRead More →