Are you a mosquito magnet? Swatting really can deter them, study shows

Researchers have discovered why mosquitoes prefer some people over others – and how a swat teaches them to avoid you

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10 Things Children Born in 2018 Will Probably Never Experience

It’s All Coming Back to Me Now 2017 was a year filled with nostalgia thanks to a number of pop culture properties with ties to the past. We got... Read more »

Rebuilding science in the Arab world

Topkapi Palace Museum Paul Braterman, University of Glasgow Translations can change the course of civilisations. Caliph al-Mansour’s translation project, begun in the eighth century and accelerated under his grandson... Read more »

A guide to meteor showers – what to look out for and when

Blink and you’ll miss it – until the next one. Channone Arif/Flickr, CC BY Mark Gallaway, University of Hertfordshire It has happened to most of us: walking home late... Read more »

From Eng Maths to Start Up: The Miminal Story

By MINIMAL LIMITED Three graduates from the Engineering Maths degree programme have recently embarked on a new business venture. The trio from the 2017 MEng cohort have spent the... Read more »