NO FRIENDSHIP OR RELATIONSHIP IS DESTINED TO LAST FOREVER. At some point, we outgrow the people in our lives, develop different interests, and even in the best circumstances, lose people due to the natural cycle of life and death. But when is the right time to move on from aRead More →

Is a too-strict definition of monogamy undermining your relationship? Research shows that while most people expect exclusivity in a relationship, infidelity is still the leading cause of divorce. (Shutterstock) Lucia O’Sullivan, University of New Brunswick Monogamy is difficult to maintain. Sure, it’s easy enough at times when your life isRead More →

It is clear that women and men behave very differently and have different ways of communicating and interacting.There are certain common habits that seem especially annoying to members of the opposite sex and it often drives them insane.We often read hilarious rants from women about men, but we don’t often seeRead More →