Rt Rev Peter Price, Chris Mullin and Jeremy Lester call for a long-term effort to end and prevent wars; Tim Webb on wasteful military expenditure; Lord West on the defence of Europe; Keith Farman on a Catch-22 solution to the funding shortfallRead More →

The protests that began in the Iranian city of Mashhad on the 28th of December 2017, quickly spreading to other cities, were the biggest challenge to the regime since the Green Revolution that took place after the 2009 disputed elections. However, while the 2009 uprising lasted for months and involved more thanRead More →

If we look at the happenings of last few years, it has somehow shaken the spirits of the Muslim community. Indian Muslims are very much confused; the despondency can be seen among them. It may be aptly described by the couplets of Akbar Allahabadi: Ham aah bhi karte hain toRead More →

Politicians have enjoyed, less – than – stellar, reputations, for generations. Therefore, it should not be surprising, to anyone, when we witness, them making empty promises, and using over – stated, political rhetoric! However, in today’s world climate, we have been witnessing, this behavior, to an extreme, because most observers,Read More →

Josepha Ivanka Wessels, Lund University Roiling more than a dozen major cities, young Iranians are protesting against the country’s government. They appear to be particularly angered by the country’s funding of wars in Arab countries, such as Yemen and Syria, as Iranian citizens slide towards poverty. In the city ofRead More →

“Put simply, journalists’ reliance on this practice is allowing elites to further divide the country, avoid scrutiny, and distract citizens away from thoughtful policy debate on issues that carry real-life consequences.” DANNAGAL G. YOUNG If there is one truth about political journalism, it is that the game frame dominates. PoliticsRead More →

After much celebrations, Rahul Gandhi has taken charge of the Congress party as its president. The 47-year-old, who has for years been seen as a reluctant politician but has lately shown signs of shedding that image, will officially take charge in a ceremony on the lawns of the party’s 24Read More →