Having the choice of where and how to get my education has been a fantastic journey for me so far. Even though I’ve never been technically homeschooled, I started schooling at home when I was in 6th grade. My experience in traditional public school taught me that overall, my naturalRead More →

The world is full of little things, repeating things, incessant things, that you don’t notice. Until one day you do, and then it becomes impossible to stop noticing them. One of these things that I’ve recently been unable to stop noticing is the fear, expressed by parents and teachers alikeRead More →

shutterstock. Michael Hand, University of Birmingham Schools in England are legally required to promote the moral development of pupils. Unfortunately though, there is little agreement on what this involves. Most people recognise that morality is important and needs to be taught – but when it comes to saying what itRead More →

BY THE PSYCHLOPAEDIA TEAMTHE AUSTRALIAN PSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIETY Traditional psychometric tests that employers use to assess your suitability for a job haven’t changed much in the past 50 years – until now. Multiple-choice tests of old that distinguish right from wrong and not much else are being replaced by a newRead More →