“We saw lots of interest in AI in China, and the sector is moving so fast in the country…The U.S. still has the best AI talent, but there are many good engineers and AI researchers in China as well.” On the heels of billions of yuan of investment burrowed intoRead More →

Last week, Louise Kiernan, our editor-in-chief, wrote about some of the work behind our journalism here at ProPublica Illinois. She detailed time-consuming fact-checking techniques, long reporting trips and what can feel like countless rabbit holes our reporters jump into just to find a single source. “In what is a particularlyRead More →

Last week, Digital Rights Foundation, a not-for-profit working on digital rights in Pakistan, launched the “Network for Journalists for Digital Rights.” The network seeks to help journalists keep safe while working online by providing them with resources and training. The network is seeking news members in order to ensure that reporters across the countryRead More →

“Why do I think this is really going to happen? Because I’ve seen panels popping up at journalism conferences about self-care and burnout. Because I’ve watched newsrooms across the country take small steps toward purging sexual harassers from their ranks.” EMMA CAREW GROVUM I predict that 2018 is the yearRead More →

“Put simply, journalists’ reliance on this practice is allowing elites to further divide the country, avoid scrutiny, and distract citizens away from thoughtful policy debate on issues that carry real-life consequences.” DANNAGAL G. YOUNG If there is one truth about political journalism, it is that the game frame dominates. PoliticsRead More →