Taj Mahal is known all over the world for its singular beauty and as a symbol of ardent love. But, the third aspect of its celestial revelatory panorama remains mostly obscure from the public cognizance.   2. On the gigantic double arches in all four sides of the Taj facade,Read More →

Delhi: Following a sharp dip in temperature, Indian Muslim Relief & Charities (IMRC) and its implementation partner Sahayata Trust in Hyderabad have distributed blankets among 5400 families and distributed warm clothes among 1000 individuals across various cities and villages in different states of India. In north Indian state Uttar Pradesh,Read More →

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The number of Muslims living in the United States is expected to more than double in just over three decades, a PEW Research Center report revealed on Wednesday. “By 2050, the US Muslim population is projected to reach 8.1 million, or 2.1 percent of the nation’s totalRead More →

An Arkansas man started the year off on the right foot after officials from a mosque he’d vandalized in October 2016 decided to pay off his fines. Abraham Davis, the culprit in the incident, spray-painted swastikas and tagged the words “go home” on the front of the Masjid Al SalamRead More →

Umrah is highly recommended in Islam and can be performed at any time during the year, except for the five days of Hajj. This pilgrimage is not compulsory for every Muslim as compared to Hajj, which is an obligation and one of the five pillars of Islam. However, one UmrahRead More →

Topkapi Palace Museum Paul Braterman, University of Glasgow Translations can change the course of civilisations. Caliph al-Mansour’s translation project, begun in the eighth century and accelerated under his grandson Harun al-Rashid, made available in Arabic scholarly writings from Greek, Aramaic, Persian and Indian sources, and laid the foundation for theRead More →