The protests that began in the Iranian city of Mashhad on the 28th of December 2017, quickly spreading to other cities, were the biggest challenge to the regime since the Green Revolution that took place after the 2009 disputed elections. However, while the 2009 uprising lasted for months and involved more thanRead More →

Hassan Rouhani is a shrewd politician, and he has spotted the opportunity to harness the recent discontent for his cause. The recent unrest in Iran is yet another illustration that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and his agents of oppression, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its subsidiary Basij force, haveRead More →

University students attend a protest inside Tehran University as anti-riot Iranian police prevent them from joining other protesters. AP Photo Nader Habibi, Brandeis University A series of urban uprisings in Iran that began on Dec. 28 in its second-largest city shocked the country’s Islamic regime, as well as much ofRead More →

Reports are coming out of Tehran that ex-Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been arrested for contributing to widespread unrest in the country that has seen at least 22 killed. A series of unconfirmed reports allege that the former Iranian president had been detained and placed under house arrest following allegationsRead More →

The US has taken advantage of the recent mass antigovernment protests in Iran to reinforce pressure on that country, in line with President Trump’s already harsh stance against Tehran. The human-rights-based mantra being employed evokes memories of regime change in Ukraine, and the de-facto US intervention in Syria. Sputnik takesRead More →

A new Pentagon report claiming that Iran supports terrorist groups such as the Taliban and al-Qaeda has been disseminated through American media outlets – but has come under fire for wishy-washy claims about the said connections. For instance, one supposed link came when Saad bin Laden, one of Osama binRead More →

Josepha Ivanka Wessels, Lund University Roiling more than a dozen major cities, young Iranians are protesting against the country’s government. They appear to be particularly angered by the country’s funding of wars in Arab countries, such as Yemen and Syria, as Iranian citizens slide towards poverty. In the city ofRead More →

Anger at President Trump’s move on Jerusalem could potentially turn against Arab leaders.                       Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel potentially sets the stage for a controversial American effort — backed by Saudi Arabia and the United ArabRead More →