A 5.5 magnitude quake has hit to the east of Imphal, the capital of the Indian northeastern state of Manipur, according to the US Geological Survey service. Earlier, the Islamic Republic of Iran had suffered from an earthquake which left over 20 individuals injured. The earthquake struck some 100 kilometersRead More →

A horrific case out of India’s Uttar Pradesh has once again put the spotlight on the sale of babies by poverty-stricken parents. Cases of baby selling for illegal adoptions and trafficking have been a problem in India for some time and the matter is more often than not directly correlatedRead More →

Experts opine that China’s underwater surveillance network would definitely boost its overall maritime strength but not much in the Indian Ocean. This is because India has already adopted mission-based deployments at key points in the Indian Ocean and also has a center dedicated to analysis of oceanographic data. New DelhiRead More →

Former Indian envoy to China who helped resolve the Doklam crisis has been chosen to succeed India’s incumbent Foreign Secretary. The appointment is being seen as an indication of China’s priority position in India’s foreign policy. New Delhi (Sputnik) — India’s former ambassador to China has been appointed the newRead More →