Pakistani database to help deal with genetic disorders

Pakistani database to help deal with genetic disorders By Saleem Shaikh [ISLAMABAD] Pakistan, a country with a high rate of marriages among close relatives, has taken a step towards... Read more »

Politicians Might Insist And Lie, But It Doesn’t Make It Fact: 5 Examples

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Ethics for healthcare data is obsessed with risk – not public benefits

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Some Doctors Still Billing Medicare for the Most Complicated, Expensive Office Visits

Thousands of times a year, Medicare patients file into Dr. Mark Roberts’ family practice clinic in rural Evergreen, Alabama, for standard office visits. And almost every time they did... Read more »

San Antonio’s Muslim-led, free healthcare clinic

The doctors who run the El Bari clinic see healthcare as a right — and they’re determined to make it available to the most vulnerable. By Darcy Sprague The El... Read more »