Indian scientists have discovered a cluster of cognition-related genes which, if impaired, may cause dyslexia. The find may result in earlier diagnoses and successful interventions in preventing the learning disability. New Delhi (Sputnik) — According to a research paper published by EBioMedicine journal, Indian scientists led by Subrata Sinha and Nandini Chatterjee Singh of theRead More →

When you contract a headache, what do you do? Do you gulp down a large glass of water and take an Ibuprofen (also referred to as Advil or Motrin)? If so, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, a new study suggests this course of action is unhealthy for men. The study, whichRead More →

The flu has ramped up early this year and is rapidly spreading across the country, with widespread flu activity in 46 states, according to the latest data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. “This is a feature of this year’s flu — not only did it start early, but itRead More →

Potent psychoactive properties of certain mushrooms – long avoided by the medical and scientific community due to heavy-handed laws – are now seen by psychopharmacology professionals as a key element in treating many psychological ailments, opening doors for new research and added funding. A new study published in the scientific tradeRead More →

By Madhukara Putty [NEW DELHI] Humans generated a staggering 44.7 million metric tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) in 2016 — the equivalent of 4,500 Eiffel Towers, and five per cent more than the electrical and electronic goods discarded just two years earlier, says a new study. The trend is setRead More →

When rightly set, your kitchen can be a treasure trove of healing medicines. The herbs and spices stored here can effectively ward off several common ailments, while also providing vital vitamins that our body requires on daily basis. Listed here are 7 essential Ayurvedic herbs that ‘should’ be ever available in yourRead More →

Women’s reproductive rights are under attack across the globe. Sophie Cousins investigates the challenges women face in accessing abortion and contraception in two very different countries – India and the USA. Outside, the mid-morning heat is stifling. It’s not humid like the bustling metropolises of Mumbai or Kolkata; here inRead More →