As consumers, we are all paying GST on various goods and services in our daily lives. By becoming aware about key aspects of GST, we can better appreciate the role of GST in nation-building; can educate our friends and relatives; can raise voice confidently against any malpractices; can be aRead More →

Mumbai: The Centre slashed goods and services tax rates to avoid a drubbing in the Gujarat polls, the Shiv Sena claimed today while dubbing the Bharatiya Janata Party an “expert in gaining political mileage and publicity” from any issue. In the biggest goods and services tax rejig yet, tax ratesRead More →

By Amarjyoti Borah Doctors and bidi victims welcomed the decision to categorize all tobacco products including bidis as demerit goods, taxing them at the highest tax rate at 28% under GST. Taxing bidis, cigarettes and chewing tobacco products at the highest GST rate will not only discourage the consumption ofRead More →