According to the lunar-solar Chinese calendar, the dog is the zodiac animal of 2018. In a twist of fate Donald Trump was born in 1946 in the Year of the Dog and China couldn’t help but make a marketing campaign out of it. China has unveiled a giant dog statueRead More →

Looking back over the previous 12 months, the US president has cause for celebration and reflection, with occasional success in implementing his promised policies, and significant resistance to others. Amid continuous scandal and calls for his impeachment, US President Donald Trump has made it to the end of his first year in office. HeRead More →

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stands during a service at the International Church of Las Vegas in Las Vegas in Oct. 2016. AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File Kalpana Jain, The Conversation In 2017 an evangelical perspective influenced many political decisions, as President Donald Trump embraced the key constituency that voted overwhelminglyRead More →

Scores of Texas landowners in the shadow of the border wall say the government should pay them for their damaged property values. by T. Christian Miller, ProPublica, and Kiah Collier and Julián Aguilar, Texas Tribune. BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS — One day several years ago, a crew of federal contractors turned up behindRead More →

A former lobbyist for the pesticide industry now leads the deregulatory team at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Visitor logs show old ties remain strong. by Robert Faturechi, ProPublica, and Danielle Ivory, The New York Times. This story was co-published with The New York Times. At a private meeting in September, congressional aidesRead More →