It’s time to take a hard look at the role of the news media in creating and perpetuating a horribly simplistic and stereotypical portrayal of Africa. US President Donald Trump’s alleged remarks questioning why the US should take in immigrants from what he apparently called “shithole countries” — those comprisingRead More →

There is no evidence that the reopening of talks between North and South Korea was a direct result of American coercion toward Pyongyang. Despite his jabbing of metropolitan elitists, US President Donald Trump has cultivated praise from some over his handling of North Korea. Ban Ki-moon, the former UN secretary-general, applaudedRead More →

University students attend a protest inside Tehran University as anti-riot Iranian police prevent them from joining other protesters. AP Photo Nader Habibi, Brandeis University A series of urban uprisings in Iran that began on Dec. 28 in its second-largest city shocked the country’s Islamic regime, as well as much ofRead More →