No legal action taken against Delhi’s polluters since 2014

Despite desperately toxic air and powerful anti-pollution legislation, not a single case has been taken up against polluters in India’s capital. By Kumar Sambhav Shrivastava for Not a single... Read more »

Delhi should follow Beijing’s example in tackling air pollution

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New Delhi smog ‘rivals 1952 London’

By: Ranjit Devraj [NEW DELHI] Pollution levels in the Indian capital this month have rivalled 1952 London, when smog killed around 4,000 people, pollution experts say. On the worst day, November... Read more »

Inhaling The Air In This City Is Equivalent To Smoking 45 Cigarettes A Day

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Toxic Smog in New Delhi Leaves Residents Coughing and Demanding Action

Over the last few days, India’s political capital, New Delhi, has witnessed toxic smog engulf the city, threatening a break-out of major respiratory ailments. In response, the government has shut down schools and... Read more »