Climate change is triggering a migrant crisis in Vietnam

Tonkinphotography/ Alex Chapman, University of Southampton and Van Pham Dang Tri, Can Tho University The Vietnamese Mekong Delta is one of Earth’s most agriculturally productive regions and is of... Read more »

Fighting climate change with bioenergy may do ‘more harm than good’

A new study finds land-use like grazing and managing forests for resource extraction may have released more carbon than previously thought. Its results indicate the world’s terrestrial vegetation is... Read more »

Climate change will displace millions in coming decades

Pakistani commuters travel on a flooded street following a heavy rainfall in Karachi, Aug. 31, 2017. AP Photo/Shakil Adil Gulrez Shah Azhar, Pardee RAND Graduate School Wildfires tearing across... Read more »

We have the tools to fight climate change. It’s time to start using them

By Johan RockströmExecutive Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University Amy LuersExecutive Director, Future Earth   Stepping in to the COP23 climate talks in Bonn, Germany, is like wandering through an alternative... Read more »

The good news about plastic waste

Deirdre McKay Senior Lecturer in Geography, Keele University Waste plastics contaminate our food, water and air. Many are calling for a global ban on single-use plastics because throwing them... Read more »