Can artificial intelligence learn to scare us?

by MIT News Just in time for Halloween, a research team from the MIT Media Lab’s Scalable Cooperation group has introduced Shelley: the world’s first artificial intelligence-human horror story collaboration. Shelley,... Read more »

Racing Towards Another Race: Processing Faces One Feature at a Time

Face Recognition, Features and Objects BY Richard Morey | October 13, 2017 | No Comments Other Posts By Richard Morey The own-race bias in face processing is a well-known effect that refers to the fact that people... Read more »

‘Decimated’: Germany’s birds disappear as insect abundance plummets 76%

by Morgan Erickson-Davis A new study in PLOS ONE reveals a 76 percent reduction in Germany’s flying insect biomass over the past 27 years while another reports the country’s bird... Read more »

Sumatran region heats up as forests disappear

by Hans Nicholas Jong Average temperatures in the Indonesian province of Jambi have risen amid clearing of vast swaths of forest, a new study show. Areas that have been clear-cut,... Read more »