Avvaiyar, the Grand Old Tamil Poetess and her Alphabetical Garland to Children

It is a common belief that there were several Avvaiyars belonging to several periods contributing to Tamil literature. But essentially two Avvaiyars are well known. Avvaiyar I: Belonged to... Read more »

Wars are not won by military genius or decisive battles

War is the most complex, physically and morally demanding enterprise we undertake. No great art or music, no cathedral or temple or mosque, no intercontinental transport net or particle... Read more »

As American as Apple Pie, Bourbon, and Slave Labor

Nostalgia, at its best, is a tidy fantasy that erases many of us. In 1799, George Washington’s distillery produced nearly 11,000 gallons, making it one of the largest whiskey... Read more »

In Sri Lanka, Families of the Disappeared Treasure the Everyday Items Left Behind

This post by Selvaraja Rajasegar originally appeared on Groundviews, an award-winning citizen journalism website in Sri Lanka. A translated and edited version is published below as part of a content-sharing agreement... Read more »

Imperial Japan saw itself as a ‘warrior nation’ – and the idea lingers today

Japanese soldiers of the Sino-Japanese War. Wikimedia Commons Oleg Benesch, University of York In a warning to China on the eve of his first trip to Asia in November... Read more »