Drugs don’t give you an edge over quitting cold turkey. Shutterstock/shanon mungmee Simon Chapman, University of Sydney Using prescription drugs or over-the-counter products like gums, mints or patches won’t increase your chances of quitting smoking a year later, according to a new study. The US researchers followed two groups ofRead More →

Potent psychoactive properties of certain mushrooms – long avoided by the medical and scientific community due to heavy-handed laws – are now seen by psychopharmacology professionals as a key element in treating many psychological ailments, opening doors for new research and added funding. A new study published in the scientific tradeRead More →

Julio Ochoa, WUSF When a hepatitis C treatment called Harvoni was released in 2014, Dr. Ronald Cirillo knew it was a big deal. “It’s the reason that dragged me out of retirement!” he said. Cirillo specialized in treating hepatitis C for more than 30 years in Stamford, Conn., before retiringRead More →

Approximately 1% of the human population fit the description of a psychopath: a personality type defined by a lack of care for others, a lack of empathy, violent and aggressive tendencies, shallow emotions, selfishness, dishonesty, overconfidence in themselves, and the ability to manipulate people. These types of people often exhibit behavioral traits knownRead More →

People use the water fountain instead of using bottled water Drinking bottled water has become a part of our mobile life. Where ever we go, we have to consume it, but do you know the health impact of the liquid what we consume bottled. Many of the research scholars haveRead More →