A Wall Street analyst has predicted that up to 10,000 jobs may be lost as a result of Disney’s pending buyout of 21st Century Fox. As detailed in the Hollywood Reporter, there are widespread expectations of “cost-savings” following the buyout in the realm of $2 billion, owing mostly to the factRead More →

“Why do I think this is really going to happen? Because I’ve seen panels popping up at journalism conferences about self-care and burnout. Because I’ve watched newsrooms across the country take small steps toward purging sexual harassers from their ranks.” EMMA CAREW GROVUM I predict that 2018 is the yearRead More →

After getting lost in the conference hotel, I finally located the ‘creativity workshop’. Joining the others, I sat cross-legged on the floor. Soon, an ageing hippie was on his feet. ‘Just walk around the room and introduce yourself,’ he said. ‘But don’t use words.’ After a few minutes of peopleRead More →

Authors: Ghazala Azmat (Sciences Po), Rosa Ferrer (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) Even among high-skilled professionals, there remain big differences between men and women in their earnings and career progression. These gender gaps among career-minded men and women have become the focus of growing public debate about why they arise and persistRead More →

By KATHARINE WRIGHT Against a dusty backdrop, three Afghan girls with colourful scarfs covering their faces huddle together. As the camera zoom in, we see a tear fall down one of their eyes. They look petrified. The narrator informs us that their father has said they have been ‘crying forRead More →

IBM asks remaining staff to take career advice from HR-bot ‘Myca’ has staff eating cognitive dog food, which may taste better than prevailing bitterness By Simon Sharwood, APAC Editor IBM staff are being asked to eat the company’s dogfood in the form of an AI-infused career advice chatbot named “Myca”.Read More →