BY KELLY ALLEN MAPSEDUCATIONAL AND DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGIST My three year-old daughter has rarely seen an old-school phone without a screen. Nevertheless, she still places any vaguely telephone-shaped object, such as a shoe, to her ear with a passionate, “HELLO”. Somehow, I find this more comforting than her blankly staring intoRead More →

Organised violence – the term war boils down to – has long been a unifier of peoples. Archeological evidence shows that nearly half those who lived during the last part of the Stone Age in Nubia, an area along the southern reaches of the Nile River, died violent deaths. ManyRead More →

When the media publish articles that explicitly talk about race and racism—calling out or calling in White people—sometimes people get upset. “They’re divisive,” some have said. “YES! used to be positive,” others have said. Why do we do it? Because race matters. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote in herRead More →

Some of the Facebook and Instagram ads used in 2016 election released by members of the U.S. House Intelligence committee. AP Photo/Jon Elswick Gordon Hull, University of North Carolina – Charlotte Recent revelations about how Russian agents inserted ads on Facebook, in an attempt to influence the 2016 election, presentRead More →