Pirate Bay founder and former spokesperson Peter Sunde believes that piracy will decrease over time. However, people won’t be better off when online media distribution is in the hands of the powerful few. “Netflix, Spotify etc are not a solution, but a loss,” he says. Ten years ago the InternetRead More →

This is how Azure just hit 30Gbps of throughput – and how clouds are being built now Microsoft has switched on new network interface cards packing field-programmable gate arrays and announced that doing so has let it hit 30Gbps of throughput for servers in Azure. Redmond’s talked up these “SmartNICs”Read More →

It’s All Coming Back to Me Now 2017 was a year filled with nostalgia thanks to a number of pop culture properties with ties to the past. We got another official Alien film, and Blade Runner came back with new visuals to dazzle us. Meanwhile, “Stranger Things” hearkened back toRead More →

Services down and out for seven hours and counting Yahoo! Mail – yes, amazingly it is still a thing – is today taking a break from business as usual norms with the service down for almost the past seven hours. Since circa 9am, the email service has received hundreds of complaintsRead More →