By Rebecca Collie and Andrew Martin and Erica Frydenberg Teachers and researchers are increasingly aware of the importance of social and emotional competence in the classroom and beyond, including for health, education, and employment outcomes into adulthood. Social and emotional competence refers to the skills that help us to interactRead More →

Children should be getting at least one hour of physical activity per day. That’s an absolute minimum. When I was a kid, we spent so much time running around outside that it was never a question of just one hour, but nowadays, with phones, TV’s and iPads, getting a kidRead More →

In the year 2017, an unprecedented number of Indian students have chosen to move to Canada for their higher education. By this, not only did the application rates in Canadian Universities have increased in this academic year but also has strengthened the immigration ties between India and Canada. According toRead More →

The world is full of little things, repeating things, incessant things, that you don’t notice. Until one day you do, and then it becomes impossible to stop noticing them. One of these things that I’ve recently been unable to stop noticing is the fear, expressed by parents and teachers alikeRead More →

From September 2018, French students will be prohibited from using mobile phones in primary, junior and middle schools. While phones are already forbidden in French classrooms, the rule change now means that pupils will also be barred from taking out their phones during breaks, at lunch, or between lessons. TheRead More →

shutterstock. Michael Hand, University of Birmingham Schools in England are legally required to promote the moral development of pupils. Unfortunately though, there is little agreement on what this involves. Most people recognise that morality is important and needs to be taught – but when it comes to saying what itRead More →

“Early experiments may yield mixed results — it’s early days! But the media industry must not repeat the mistakes of the past, and allow itself to be a laggard with powerful new technologies.” EDWARD ROUSSEL The mobile phone will become our “eyes and ears,” on the world thanks to majorRead More →

Topkapi Palace Museum Paul Braterman, University of Glasgow Translations can change the course of civilisations. Caliph al-Mansour’s translation project, begun in the eighth century and accelerated under his grandson Harun al-Rashid, made available in Arabic scholarly writings from Greek, Aramaic, Persian and Indian sources, and laid the foundation for theRead More →