Local people tackle tide of beach plastic in Mumbai

Clean-up has collected more than 12,000 tonnes of plastic since 2015

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Methane from Indian livestock adds to global warming

Methane produced by India’s livestock population, considered the world’s largest, can significantly raise global temperatures, says a new study designed to help predict climate change linked to greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions from farm... Read more »

Maha Metro Nagpur Installs Solar Signals on Busy City Junctions

Taking a serious view of the traffic snarls on roads, Maha Metro Nagpur in association with Traffic Department of city police has installed solar signals at some of the... Read more »

Four Men in India Arrested After Trying to Sell ‘Genie in a Bottle’

Four men in India, one of them a police driver, landed behind bars Thursday after they attempted to sell a “genie in a bottle” to an unsuspecting man in West Bengal’s Burdwan city. According to NDTV, the con... Read more »

Be a ‘GST-wise’ Consumer!

As consumers, we are all paying GST on various goods and services in our daily lives. By becoming aware about key aspects of GST, we can better appreciate the... Read more »