Fallout 76 – A Sneak Peek

Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Soft Works. Fallout 76 is set before all other games in the fallout franchise. Todd Howard, the director and executive producer at Bethesda game studios said that the game will be 4 times the size of its predecessor, Fallout 4.

Story line:

This game is set to be in West Virginia, in the year of 2102, 25 years after the great nuclear war. As the celebration of the reclamation day in vault 76, one of the control vaults with no experiments to be implemented. The player is sent into the capital wasteland in a quest given to you by the overseer. You are the first one to emerge in the untamed wasteland. In the trailer, the narrative shows that the vault is empty and most of them have left.


Fallout 76 has 16 times more clarity in detail and you can witness distant weather systems across the map. The game shows the entire landscape of West Virginia with 6 different regions to explore through the campaign. With a variety of mutant creatures to tackle, the game also uses folklore from Virginia during the game.

Collector’s Edition:

Fallout 76 also comes with a collector’s edition with an in – game map which glows in the dark. The game also comes with a Fallout collectible which is a TS -1 Power Armour Helmet. This is called as the fallout 76: Power Armour Edition.

Now just enjoy the trailer:

It has been decided that the official release date in India as November 14, 2018.

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