BJP MLA in trouble for elephant killing

By AT News 

Trouble brews for a BJP legislator after he shot dead a wild elephant triggering huge shock and anger among the animal lovers across Assam. He is none other than Kushal Duwari, the ruling party legislator in Thaora who shot dead a wild elephant in Demow recently.

Amid this escalating controversy, the forest authority had given hint of its utter disappointment with the former ULFA rebel and two time MLA.

Talking to reporters in Guwahati on Saturday forest minister Pramilarani Brahma said nobody was above the rule of law. “Definitely, we would look into the allegations.”

Rajen Saikia, an animal lover said,”can anybody believe that a lawmaker can do this? What law he would make for the people if he himself takes up law in his hands?”

“I strongly condemn the legislator who has no heart for the wild lives. How can he fo it? Let him face the consequences,” said Rupali Das.

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