Politicians Might Insist And Lie, But It Doesn’t Make It Fact: 5 Examples

Politicians have enjoyed, less – than – stellar, reputations, for generations. Therefore, it should not be surprising, to anyone, when we witness, them making empty promises, and using over – stated, political rhetoric! However, in today’s world climate, we have been witnessing, this behavior, to an extreme, because most observers, seem to recognize, the present occupant of the White House, President Donald Trump, has taken this behavior, to a level, we have never witnessed, in recent memory! Trump appears to either, be so comfortable, or intent – on lying, or it is second – nature, to him, he proceeds to exceed, typical political misstatements, by lying about, even, minor items, and, even after the truth is pointed out, continues to repeat the mis – truths (doubling down), and, generally resorting to blaming and complaining, and referring to anything, which disagrees with him, as fake news. With this in mind, this article will briefly examine and review, 5 examples, of, why, even if politicians continue to insist, and tell lies, it doesn’t make those lies, into truths!

1. Uranium One: We have been hearing misstatements about the so – called, Uranium One, deal, for many years, and the political opponents of Hillary Clinton, have used the episode, to create suspicions about her character, etc. This deal had nothing to do with nuclear weapons, but, rather, uranium, used for energy creation, etc, and Mrs. Clinton, was only one, of nine votes, on the issue, and the sale, was approved unanimously. There has been political exploitation, for years, and consistently, it’s been demonstrated, there was nothing improper or inappropriate, about this deal. However, Mr. Trump, and his cronies, have continued, to imply, there are!

2. Russia: Wouldn’t it be far better, if the investigation, into whether or not, Russia attempted to interfere with our elections, and/ or, if any part of the Trump campaign, was involved in this effort, was non – partisan, and left, to the thorough review by the Special Counsel? Rather, we have witnessed, both, the President, via, his constant denials, and blaming his opponent, and some of his supporters, appear to do, everything possible, to deter a thorough review!

3. Goals and priorities: Because of the President’s unprecedented, reliance on Twitter, in order to articulate his message, it is often challenging, to differentiate between his promises and rhetoric, and true goals, priorities, focus, and intentions! Because Mr. Trump, often, makes contradictory statements, and often makes unsubstantiated claims, continuously, we must focus on the true facts, rather than his claims!

4. Tax reform: Few people like paying taxes, nor would most, object to some reduction in taxes. However, both during his campaign, and his Presidency, Trump has stated, this is focused on creating jobs, and the middle class, even though, nearly every economist, indicates, the major beneficiaries are the wealthiest Americans, and Corporate America. We have witnessed, so – called, Trickle – Down Economics, before, and it simply hasn’t worked, as claimed!

5. Health Care: The Affordable Care Act was a well – intentioned, but flawed idea, which attempted to provide affordable health care, and insurance, to millions more Americans. While it did insure millions more, it failed, in terms of affordability, etc. The Republicans introduced so – called, Repeal and Replace, legislation, which did not improve the issues, in a well – considered manner! Even after these efforts failed to succeed, the Trump administration, did all they could, administratively, to destroy it. When the tax reform bill was passed, along party lines, it included elimination of the Single Mandate, and the impact of that will be, higher rates to everyone else, because it removes the healthiest from the insurance pool. This can be spun, but repeating a lie, still doesn’t make it fact!

Wake up, America, because, you’re being played! Voters must pay far more attention, and eliminate their apathy!


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