My Favorite Hour of the Day

My Favorite hour of the day? Like to guess? It’s not my “me” time.

No, not my gym time. Give it a try again and go on. Keep trying. Not at all my sleeping time nor any party time. Try try try till you succeed. Give up?

Well, to all the beautiful parents, who would be able to relate to my sentiment as a parent. It is actually the morning time whereby I narrate previous night’s dream to my daughter in the form of a story while on our way to her school. Though, it’s a ten minute short drive from our place yet it’s the most pleasant and energetic time of the day! Mind it. Just 10 minutes. Short and crisp.

It is that time period of the day which I really look forward to each day and wait for it from the time I wake up and sleep in anticipation of next day. It just makes me cheerful when my daughter smiles or gives some sweet expression while listening to these dreams. Surprisingly, she is extremely keen and quite inquisitive in knowing these dreams in detail. The moment, I start my car, she expects me to start sharing my dream with her. Sometimes, I feel these dreams become quite stagnant or boring but she always shares her quota of curiosity and interest followed by her display of affection during my narration. I get a pat on my shoulders or a peck on my checks as a reward if a dream really touches her heart, which more or less happens each passing day.

Further, what makes me feel quite special is when she asks numerous questions about the hero/ villain/ entity / situation described in the story of my dreams. It makes me rather proud when she learns something new from these dreams and asks me to narrate it again as she really liked it.

And believe me, it’s all the more wonderful when she praises the dream or tries to relate to it in her own little way. Wow! What a feeling!

This feeling cannot be expressed in words. You need to be a parent to experience and cherish this moment each day. Better than even earning millions of rupees a day or the feeling of unexpected inheriting ancestral property!

Sometimes, it is a challenge to think of a dream as I either forget all my dreams the next morning before I wake up or there are nights when I don’t dream at all or probably a disturbed sleep. So, most of the time, I have to invent a dream or concoct a story quickly. Sometimes, I do my homework diligently like an obedient student or being a far-sighted father and come prepared beforehand about the dream or to say the least, get prepared with the concept or the sequence of events.

While other times, I have to be spontaneous and make a story of the first thing perhaps that comes to my mind while conversing with her when she sits in the car or something I see in my vicinity at that point of time. Whatever, option it is, it feels nice that I was able to successfully translate the idea to a dream or conceive the concept in my surroundings and develop it into a full-fledged dream.

To put in the right perspective, I feel I have actually become creative now on this front. And I love my favorite pastime. God, I want to continue being in paradise and continue to feel quite special till I’m alive in this world.



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