Do marital choices contribute to widening economic inequality among households? While growing inequality has many causes − from skill-based technological progress to globalization­ − demographic changes have also played an important role. During the first half of the twentieth century, college attendance increased overall ­– slightly faster for men thanRead More →

Comfort breeds complacency. In moving forward we’re leaving our current location behind, which is why humans are reactive by nature and only strive to improve upon that which we’re greatly dissatisfied with – something we’re willing to leave behind. And the more threatening something is to our wellbeing (be itRead More →

Although measures of teen and adult happiness dropped during the high unemployment rates of the Great Recession, it didn’t rebound when the economy started to improve. ASDF_MEDIA/ Jean Twenge, San Diego State University We’d all like to be a little happier. The problem is that much of what determines happinessRead More →

Vidya Balan is rejoicing the success of Tumhari Sulu these days and guess what she bagged another marquee project which can enable her to show her true potential. Vidya has now been signed into to play lead role in the biopic on former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The film isRead More →