Price War in Space: India Adopts Technologies to Reduce Satellite Launch Cost

The GSAT-11 to be launched by Arianespace may be India’s last communication satellite to use foreign boosters as the country’s space agency is set to launch its own rockets... Read more »

Indian Scientists Identify Gene Cluster That Causes Learning Disability

Indian scientists have discovered a cluster of cognition-related genes which, if impaired, may cause dyslexia. The find may result in earlier diagnoses and successful interventions in preventing the learning... Read more »

Maha Metro Nagpur Installs Solar Signals on Busy City Junctions

Taking a serious view of the traffic snarls on roads, Maha Metro Nagpur in association with Traffic Department of city police has installed solar signals at some of the... Read more »

Sony’s New Blink-Powered Contact Lens Records Everything You See

Technology, like all things, is a double-edged sword. The internet, for instance, can connect people all around the globe. At the same time, it can lead to the invasion... Read more »

China’s news agency is reinventing itself with AI

“We saw lots of interest in AI in China, and the sector is moving so fast in the country…The U.S. still has the best AI talent, but there are... Read more »